Margarita or Ariadne, as she’s also known, is a Colombian fairy and an earthling by adoption who lives more in a world or words than in another place and who uses her magic to bring those in search of lemons, and other juicy tales for their taste.

She’s currently devoted to work teaching English during the day and to write at night and during the weekends. In spite of the looks bestowed upon her by those who know her, she’s a passionate writer of male romance, and has moved from writing them in fanfiction to do it in original stories.

She’s a stubborn writer who refuses to assume that she’s good at writing. A writer, who prefers English over Spanish and who, according to some, has given a mobile a charming use. A writer, who always cries because her characters are too adorable when in truth, she wants them to be mean. She’s got a résumé packed with fandom stories, in which the Saint Seiya fans love her, but who has grown into writing original stories, which she’s spending more time writing lately.

Besides writing, Marge loves mythology, Japanese manga, tarot and reading on Milo, her Kindle touch whenever she can’t have a real book in her hands.


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