Sacred Forest

That’s the name of the new story I’m writing, though I might change it by the time I put it on the website. This tale the story of a forbidden love between a German old man (he’s in his thirties) and a young gipsy girl (she’s in her late teens) during the 1400s in Belgium.

This is a story that has turned out to be very emotional for me. It’s made me study for some things and at the same time, it’s charged with a lot of love; and I don’t tend to write this type of stories. I write “weird” things, yet I believe this story in particular is coming out nicely.

I think I’m leaving a piece of my heart here. I don’t think I’ve ever been so involved with a story, and yes, that’s thrilling, but at the same time, it’s scary.

I’m sure a friend of mine would’ve loved reading it. Well…maybe he’d laugh at the writing liberties I’m taking with it, but I’m sure that whenever he is, he’s enjoying it.

For now, D and I are calling this story “the Belgians story”. I just hope I am able to finish it.


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