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Run. That was all that was in her mind and well, it wasn’t really working. She was feeling left behind; she couldn’t run as much as she wanted to. She couldn’t do it as fast as she wanted to. She saw herself crawling down the road, cursing and asking for help from whatever god might be listening to her. Yet nobody answered. She kept trying, even though her breathing was uneven and the air was lacking from her lungs, more and more, as time passed by.

“Fuck!” She finally said, trying to catch her breath even if for a second.

She stood up again, thinking it was just a dream; but knowing it wasn’t such thing. It was dark at times, some others it was light, but it was empty. There was nothing around her. Nothing but the stones on the road where she’d fallen yet again. She crawled once more. She tried and tried and tried and nothing. She couldn’t move forward and anger took the best out of her. She cursed, one more times. Many more times.

She looked around her and found that she hadn’t moved one inch. She was still standing on the same place where she’d started running. She stood up, determined to move once and for all. It didn’t matter what she had to do, but she had to run. And so, she started all over again.

She was going slowly once again. She wasn’t advancing. She was crawling again. Now her fingernails would bury themselves on the stony pavement as she forced herself out of that place. She started moving forward, slowly.

Then she wished for wings. And it felt almost as if she could get them, for she saw herself being pushed to the air and she breathed deeply and she moved in the sky. And she thought that it must indeed be a dream since those things couldn’t be true; and yet she was flying.

And she flew across a sky which was as dark as it had been below when she was running; but among the clouds she found her gaze to be more accurate than ever before and she wished one more time. This time she wanted the clouds to carry her to where she was supposed to be. She prayed for another miracle in which she’d find a soul to talk to. A person to show her the way to where she was going.

The clouds turned cold, but didn’t hurt her. They carried her like a mother would with her young child, and she let herself go. However, sooner than expected, she started to feel like she was falling. She was afraid, for she didn’t want her life to end in a nig thud from the fall. Yet, she landed as swiftly as when she’d taken off. And the road was dark again, and the stoney path was there again and she started to run away.

She didn’t hide her surprise when she started to run and it all turned fine for she ran through the streets of the unknown city, heading nowhere and running everywhere.