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Whenever it rains, it means it’s time to celebrate. Celia picks her child up; she makes him wrap his tiny legs around her waist and he clings to the left side of her body as she rushes inside the kitchen. She sets the water to boil and pours some coffee in it. It brews slowly and she smiles as the smell spreads all over the small house. She sighs resigned when her baby cries; she coos him, trying to make him stop. She succeeds.

Her husband is long gone to the fields. He didn’t have anything to eat before leaving—as usual­—but he’ll be back soon, she mused; and then, they’ll have some meat and the four of them, yes, even their unborn son—or daughter—will last for a little longer. They will grow old and strong and their family will always be together. They will be fine.

The coffee is finally ready. She pours some in a cup and tastes it. She looks for the chocolate she made powder during the last moon and takes a pinch of it, putting it on her coffee. She inhales the steam coming from her cup and smiles.

Outside, the rain keeps falling and yet she feels warm thanks to her baby next to her and her drink in her hand. It has been raining since the night before. Their hearts have been filled with joy by such a simple act. She knew that by now, the other women in the village must be getting ready to meet at the main square and dance in celebration. Celia reprimands herself; she must be getting ready as well.

It will be a good year, after all.



June 11, 2thousand11



So, I’m finally updating with Property, the story I mentioned on the previous entry. Again, I don’t curently have a beta reader, but, I’ve tried to upload it as clean of mistakes as possible. If anyone finds any, or finds something that needs to be reviewed or changed, don’t hesitate to let me know.

This story was hard to write, because I find it hard to relate to a passive female role. I understand that cultures vary and with them, so does the approach of things, but this story needed to be written. And so, it’s finally here.



Forbidden Forest

So…the Belgians’ story is finished. And it was scary to read it all over again for it’s too close to me. But I’m loving it more than before.

Forbidden Forest for your eyes only.  😛