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So, I’m finally updating with Property, the story I mentioned on the previous entry. Again, I don’t curently have a beta reader, but, I’ve tried to upload it as clean of mistakes as possible. If anyone finds any, or finds something that needs to be reviewed or changed, don’t hesitate to let me know.

This story was hard to write, because I find it hard to relate to a passive female role. I understand that cultures vary and with them, so does the approach of things, but this story needed to be written. And so, it’s finally here.




This is the story of an Indian slave back in the 1400s. This is a story I found myself in trouble to finish. I can’t say I even know why I wrote it.

Anyways, it’s finished and I’m sure when I edit it I’ll add or take some things.  We’ll see…for now, I’m just happy it’s finished.

One more story for the Reveries Anthology.


Reveries Anthology

I started writing the Memoire series a year ago, but it’s like I can finally put my mind into them. So far, it’s a “mini-anthology” since it’s got only 5 stories, but don’t think that they’re just short stories. The average length is 12 pages and only one of them is 25 pages!

I’m happy with the name, because the stories are basically that; reveries; it’s going back in to the past and let some things come out to the open 🙂

I hope someone might like it, you know?

This is kind of how it looks now that’s still a word doc: